The radio program titled “School-Related Gender-Based Violence: A collective responsibility” held on Thursday the 27th of August 2020. It featured two guest speakers, Dr. Adefunke Ekine, Executive director, Youthcare Development and Empowerment Initiative (YCDEI), as well as Dr. Adeleye Adedokun, Consultant, International Group of Education Transfer, Ohio, United States of America. It was held at Petals 102.3 FM.

Dr. Ekine started off with how important it is for parents to be friends with their children, and in doing so create a safe space for them. Dr. Adedokun then spoke on how children of this age know more than the adults think they do, he explained that this is due to the changes in the world, and how in order to keep up with them, one has to try to know as much as possible, to be able to be involved in their lives. He stated that instead of just asking surface questions, parents should ask probing questions about their children’s day, friends, and so on. He then moved on to the physical, mental, and psychological ways that sexual abuse affects children. Some examples of such effects on children include; reduction in academic performance, depression, promiscuous behaviour in some, and abhorrence of sexual activities in others as they grow older.

In conclusion, a male caller called in to ask how pedophile tendencies could be spotted and how to give young children sex education without taking away their childhood. In response, Dr. Ekine explained that a child is never too young to learn about his/her body, and if they have been taught about such things at a young age they will not fall prey to such behaviors. The program ended with a question from another caller regarding the proper way to handle School-Related Gender-Based Violence. Dr. Ekine responded that merely taking a child away from the environment is not sufficient, but that the individuals involved have to be properly dealt with to prevent reoccurrence.