The International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl. October 11, 2012, was the first Day of the Girl Child.

The aim of the event is to give supports, more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls and also to promote the rights of a girl child across the globe.


This year’s International Day of the Girl Child was tagged “My Voice: Our Equal Future” it was a one day workshop organized by Youthcare Development and Empowerment Initiative, in commemoration of the International Day of The Girl Child which held on the 15th of October 2020 at the organization’s office. The event was organized to empower and celebrate girls in the community. The program had 34 people in attendance; 16 students between the ages of 13-18 from public and private schools in the community, along with 8 teachers, 2 facilitators, and 8 team members. It began at 10:00 am with the 2nd second stanza of the Nigerian national anthem, before moving to the welcome address and introduction by the Executive Director, Dr (Mrs) Adefunke Ekine.


Dr Kayode Iyun a consultant at the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan gave the first on financial literacy. He gave the participants an insight into money management and the importance of a person’s mindset and he also listed out three types of investors’ (those who seek problems; those who seek answers and; those who seek an expert to tell them what to do).

He encouraged the participants to have the right mindset, live within their means, and ensure they have and invest and be a lifelong learner. Dr Iyun also gave life examples on where and how to find money. The session was brought to an end with a question and answer session where participants had the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge on what they were taught.

Dr. Iyun speaking during his presentation on financial literacy


Mrs Toyin Adebayo had a moment with the participants on ice-breaker that enabled the girls have fun while learning. Highlight of it was that the participants were asked to mention names of women in Nigeria who has made notable impact.

A participant answering question during the ice breaker session


Dr (Mrs) Ekine presented a talk titled “Goal setting for now and beyond.” The session armed participants with the knowledge to turn dreams to achievable goals. With the acronym SMART, she taught the young girls to have Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound goals. Dr (Mrs) Ekine rounded off with a time for questions and answers where the participants were able to interact with the facilitator. After the question and answer session.

Dr. Ekine speaking during her session on goals setting

Based on the feedback from respondents:

A total of 100% respondent agreed that the objectives of the program were clearly defined.

100% of the respondent agreed that Participation and interaction were encouraged.

100% of the respondent agreed that the topics covered were relevant to them.

100% of the respondent agreed that the content was organized and easy to follow.

100% of the respondent agreed that the materials distributed were helpful.

100% of the respondent agreed that the program experience will be useful to me in life.

100% of the respondent agreed that the program objectives were met.

85% of the respondent agreed that the time allotted for the program was sufficient, while 15% were of the opinion that the time allotted for the program was not sufficient.

Hear what they have to say:

What did you like most about this programme?

“The talk to covet financial independence and the importance of dreams and goals”

“What I like about this programme is about saving”

“The aspect of working on your dream to achieve an attainable goal”

“I like how it was about teaching useful and important life skills; I also like that it was directed at young people”

“What I like about the programme is the teaching; it was very interesting and educative, because I personally learned so many things that will be useful to me now and in future”

What aspects of the programme could be improved? 

“To take the programme to all secondary schools so that the students will benefit from the programme”

“The range of people it was directed at can be improved”

“Mindset for prosperity”

“Time allotted to each session”

How do you hope to change your practice as a result of this programme? 

“I will be more conscious of the need to not only dream, but set goals to achieve it”

“To have my mind stick to my set goal”

“I should start now, practice what you have been taught on money especially saving I want to start on Monday”

“Set goals well and follow them”

“I intend to start working on the goals made during the programme and to actively start saving”

“I would like to change some of my practice like my improvement in reading aspect”

“To become a better person and focus on my goals harder to achieve it”

“I hope to use the knowledge in raising my own children to be responsible adults”

 “I have decided to set goals and follow them practically by telling someone who can help me”

Please share other comments or expand on previous responses here:

“ I want to encourage the organizers of the program to involve more schools”

“I really appreciate the director of this programme, because I think this programme is for me, I’m the type that like spending anyhow without thinking about tomorrow”

“The programme is so educative”

“It was nice and cool, I’m actually happy to be here”

“I love this programme, I hope it can be given more publicity to encourage more students to join”

Schools in attendance:

Bishop Onabanjo High School

Bodija-Ashi Baptist College

Maverick College Ibadan

Basorun Ojoo High School, Ibadan

Methodist Junior Grammar School

Basorun High School, Ibadan

Isabatundeen Girl’s Grammar School

Mount Olivet Grammar School


Mrs Adebayo thanked and appreciated everyone who took their time to attend and participate in the program. Refreshments were shared, and pictures taken to bring an end to the enlightening experience. She also introduced the next line of activity of the organization which is the “mentoring class” set to commence on Saturday November 7th, 2020. This will span through all Saturdays in November that is, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of the Month.  

Some of the participants in a group picture

Reported by:                                 Timothy Taiwo Oni
Programme Officer
Youthcare Development and Empowerment Initiative)