Following the successful completion of the YcDEI Mentoring and Skill Acquisition Program in August 2021 for the first set, Youthcare kick off its second mentorship program for interested youth in the community. The first mentoring class held on the 11th of September. The meeting started with an opening prayer taken by one of the mentees, Miss Wemimo Ademola, after which the second stanza of the national anthem was sung. Before treating the topic for the day, the facilitator, Miss Monifeoluwa Oyewole, gave a brief exhortation on the vision and mission of YcDEI as well as the purpose of the monitoring program. All the participants introduced themselves, including the YcDEI staff and volunteers present. After reading the code of conduct, the class began. The topic treated was Goal Setting and Visions.

Miss Monifeoluwa Oyewole took the mentees through a slide show that defined, explained and distinguished between dreams and goals as well as the steps to achieving goals. Mr. Senator, a YcDEI volunteer discussed briefly the importance of mentoring, skill acquisition and goal setting. It was interesting and relatable session and the mentees were free to ask questions. The mentees were given assignments after the lesson. They were also asked to write out their expectations for the mentoring program in the goal sheets distributed to them. The facilitator suggested that a class representative be selected to assist with collation of assignments and other general tasks. Miss Esther Oluchi volunteered to take the role.

All mentees were given individual files containing basic stationaries, a face masks and a copy of the mentorship code of conduct, goal sheet and the lesson taught for the day. 20 mentees, consisting of 16 girls and 4 boys, were present for the class. Miss Monifeoluwa Oyewole facilitated the program alongside one support staff and a volunteer, Mr Senator and Miss Ayomidunsi. 

The second class of the YcDEI mentorship program for cohort 2 began at 10:00am with 13 students present as the facilitator, Mr Timothy Oni welcomed the mentees with an ice breaker. The ice breaker constituted of each student introducing himself/herself, and stating one of their strengths and one of their weaknesses. He then led them in the second stanza of the National Anthem and began the class proper.

Mr Oni defined the topic of the day, career as the sum total of decisions that direct your educational, social, economic, political, and spiritual endeavors and reflect your unique personality characteristics and basic life values.  He then went on to explain terminologies such as skills, interests, personality, and also highlighted the steps required in understanding and developing their potential. The class held for 2 hours with a brief break in between. During the class, students were given assignments that would aid their self-discovery journey and instructed to submit at the next class. They were also given an avenue to ask their questions and receive extensive explanations on them.

After the class, Miss Dorcas Busola, a graduate of the Lagos State University, who also happens to be a successful entrepreneur and environmental activist, gave the mentees a brief appraisal of what she does, how she achieved them, and also encouraged the mentees to carve their own niche and by doing so improve the world.