To mark the end of the life skills training and usher in the vocational training segment of the YcDEI Mentorship Program, a mentors and mentees hangout was held on the 15th of January 2022 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. The get-together attended by 25 mentees (23 girls and 2 boys) and 7 mentors/support staff was held at the organization’s office with the aim of linking mentees with their newly appointed mentors, as well as providing the youths with academic tips while they had fun.

The program began with the opening prayer, followed by a brief introductory speech by the principal of the second cohort class, Miss Monifeoluwami Oyewole. She welcomed all present and proceeded to explain the constituents of the impending vocational training as well as how what is learnt can be used to improve the life of those who give it their all. She also instructed each mentee to write down what they learnt from the life skills classes, as well as what they expect to gain from their mentors. The games and fun then began in earnest with board and arithmetic games to name a few. Thereafter, the Executive Director, Dr Adefunke Ekine gave the mentees tips on how to enter the universities of their choice and how to be successful at whatever they choose to do.

The final session was the breaking off into groups of mentors and mentees. This interactive session provided both parties with the opportunity to learn more about the other, and also began the journey of gleaning from the wisdom of experience for the mentees. Food and drinks were served and it was officially announced that the second cohort skill acquisition will run from 5th February to 22nd April 2022. The program was brought to an end with the taking of group pictures.