Growing up, I’d always had the dream to be a professional in the medical health science sector. Joining the Girls in Science Project at an early age in Secondary School really made me realize what I  wished for was very much achievable. I’m glad I had such exposure that early, being surrounded by young girls with aspirations just like me in science and technology really made me feel comfortable along with the mentorship classes we had going on. Here I am today, a step closer to what I aspired. Finishing my in Anatomy with a 4.08 CGPA, working as an intern in a well recognized hospital in Lagos but it doesn’t end there, studying Medicine is the next quest to conquer for me.

My name is Zainab Araromi, a first class graduate of Economics (BSC ) and a current student of Finance and Investment (MSC). Mathematics was a subject I used to dread a lot and never saw myself studying anything related to Mathematics beyond secondary school level. However, my orientation towards the subject as well as my performance changed for good. The program organised by Youthcare contributed greatly in helping me overcome my fears  in Mathematics and made me do better. The program, I will say was quite an impactful and very helpful one.