In commemoration of the international book and copyright day, MAIYEN, partnered with several organizations including YCDEI to celebrate the world book and copyright day. The event comprised a set of programs and competitions anchored by prestigious guests including authors, publishers and copyright lawyers. There was a master class on creative writing and another on poetry. Following the master classes the four part competition which are the speed authoring, poetry writing, scrabble and the famous Book-a-thon commenced. Students were placed in one of the four groups according to their literary interests. Two rounds of each competition were played and the guest organizations served as umpires for each competition. After a striking hour and a half the competitions were completed leaving the decision making to the judges. In the end, several gift prizes and book vouchers were awarded to the winners of the competition with which three YCDEI participants were also benefactors, Aranson Adenike won second place in the speed authoring section, Ayodeji Einjuoluwa won first place in the scrabble section and Olayinka Taiwo won first place in the online competition. The program started at 10am and closed at 5pm. It was an amazing time of learning for all the participants in the art of reading and writing.