On Wednesday, 7th of September 2022, students transitioning from Junior Secondary School to Senior Secondary School gathered at Youthcare Office for a seminar on career choice. The aim of the seminar is to educate and guide them to go to the right senior class. A pre and post assessment was conducted during the seminar. As the students were given a form on Career Assessment Guide to fill. Mr Timothy Oni, the program officer of Youthcare took the first lecture, followed by Dr. Odufuwa. Miss Bola Oni and other volunteers were present to share their experience, address questions and contribute during discussion.

Present were 12 students from different schools, who shared the class they intend to go, the reason for choosing the class and what they want to become in the future, with this information we were able to guide those who are on their way to the wrong class back to the right one. Issues on parental influence, past academic report, peer pressure, stereotype thinking were addressed during the seminar. Hobby, talent, job, vacation/ profession, career were also discussed in the seminar and students were taught how to differentiate, combine them and use them.