Gender-based violence is a phenomenon deeply entrenched in gender inequality and it continues to be one of the most notable human rights violations in all societies. it is a form of violence experienced by both gender (men and women) directed against a person because of his/her gender but the majority of the victims are women and girls.

In her quest to sensitize and educate young boys and girls about the dangers of GBV and why it should be avoided at all costs, a school team from YcDEI comprising the Program Officer YcDEI (Mr. Timothy Oni), The Admin Officer YcDEI, (Miss Olaide Faleti), and two YcDEI volunteers, (Mr. Daniel Olorunkosebi and Miss Taiwo Olayinka), visited Estate High School, Akobo in Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria on the 22nd of March 2023.

The team was warmly received on behalf of the staff and students of the school by the vice principal who later introduced the team to the staff and students of the school after which the program officer of YcDEI (Mr. Timithy Oni) gave a very enlightening speech on School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV) succinctly explaining in simple terms, the meaning and dangers of SRGBV, peer group influence, and cultism while the students and staff listened with rapt attention.

A total of 101 female,107 male students, and 12 teachers were in attendance.