Empowering local researchers through J-PAL’s African Scholars Program The African Scholars Program, a crucial component of J-PAL’s mission to empower local researchers to spearhead randomized evaluations worldwide, continued to grow over the last year. Since launching in 2019 as a part of J-PAL Africa’s Digital Identification and Finance Initiative, the program expanded rapidly to include the Jobs and Opportunity Initiative in 2021 and the Digital Agricultural and Services Initiative in 2022. Most recently, it has grown to include the Learning for All Initiative in 2023.

To date, the African Scholars Program has provided funding for 65 researchers across thirty research projects based in eleven countries, with a total allocation of over $800,000. In addition to funding for research, the program also aims to widen the network of African academics leading randomized evaluations by providing mentorship, training, and networking opportunities to the scholars.

We recently had the privilege of meeting with some of our scholars in person. In a new video, they share their perspectives on the program and offer valuable advice for African researchers who aspire to conduct impact evaluations.