YcDEI’s School Outreach October 24, 2023  

Living Stone College Akobo, Ibadan

As the clock struck at 8:00 am, the campus of Living Stone College Akobo, Ibadan buzzed with anticipation. Youthcare Development and Empowerment Initiative (YcDEI) was on a mission – to ignite the minds of young students. Ms. Oluwabunmi Olaniyan, Assistant Program Officer at YcDEI, and Mr Daniel Olorunkosebi, a dedicated Volunteer with YcDEI, were the driving forces behind this endeavor. 

Focus for the day: Peer Pressure. 

With eloquence and passion, Mr. Daniel took the stage, unraveling the complexities of this crucial topic. Through spoken word and vivid illustrations, he unveiled the advantages and disadvantages of peer influence. The students hung on to every word he spoke, absorbing knowledge that could shape their decisions and future. 45 boys and 48 girls who were eager to learn and grow actively engaged.  

The Vice Principal expressed his heartfelt gratitude, recognizing the profound impact YcDEI had on their students. 

YcDEI’s School Outreach October 25, 2023  

On October 25, 2023,  the YcDEI team was at Estate Junior Secondary School, Akobo Estate, Ibadan.

Focus for the day:  Career Choice

Ms. Oluwabunmi Olaniyan took the lead, providing students with invaluable insights into navigating this critical juncture. Parental and peer influences were dissected, and practical tips were shared, illuminating the path toward informed decisions. 

In his own contribution, Mr. Daniel Olorunkosebi emphasized the importance of considering various factors in career selection. His use of visual aids brought clarity to the discourse, ensuring every student was left with a clearer sense of direction. 

43 boys and 44 girls took part in this transformative session.  

The Vice Principal expressed his heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the lasting impact YcDEI had on their students’ lives. 

In every interaction, YcDEI leaves an indelible mark. Each session is a step toward a future where empowered minds shape a better world. Join us on this empowering journey!

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