YcDEI -The wings of hope

Amidst the harsh realities faced by girls, there exists a staggering statistic.  Countless young women never make it past high school, let alone pursue higher education. Yet, amidst these daunting odds, there are shining examples of resilience and determination that defy the norm.

In Ibadan, where many girls struggle to finish high school, Youth care Development and Empowerment Initiative (YcDEI) offers a lifeline.

Aperun Zainab Omodolapo, despite financial hardship and the loss of her mother, yearned for a university education.

With the timely continuous support she received from  YcDEI, she prepared tirelessly with the determination and dexterity of an eagle, and within two years, her dedication earned her an admission on merit into Tai Solarin University of Education to study English language and on the 28th of February, 2024 Zainab was proudly matriculated. A testament to the transformative power of education and support from organizations like YcDEI

Zainab’s journey is an inspiring one showing that with determination and appropriate timely assistance, dreams can indeed come true.

Education changes lives

You too can help.

To support us in changing more lives, please call 0807-342-4044, or contact YcdDEI via our email address ycdeiinitiative@gmail.com or visit our Office at Suite S10, Josbeed Office Complex, Ashi-Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State or via any of our social media platforms visit us at Josbeed Plaza, Ashi-Ibadan.