On the 24th of August 2020, from 9:00 am to 9:50 am, a Radio program organized by Youthcare Development and Empowerment Initiative (YCDEI) aired on Lagelu FM, 96.7 at Oba Abimbola Oluwo road, Felele, Ibadan. The program hosted two guest speakers, Dr Adefunke Ekine, Executive director of YCDEI, and Mrs Segun Dipe, President of World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP). The program was anchored by Mr Temitayo Oyeladun and conducted in Yoruba language.

The Radio conversation began with a thorough explanation of the process of gathering the information needed for the research on gender based violence in Nigeria. Dr Adefunke Ekine explained that the research was carried out to formulate non-existent data on School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV) among children from ages 10-13. She stated that in order to gain maximum information, field investigators had to separate the children according to gender, and even had to use their indigenous languages for students who couldn’t properly comprehend what was being asked in English.

The second speaker Mrs Segun Dipe made use of life examples to explain how children are observant, and tend to repeat actions they see adults around them, and on the television do. She pleaded with parents to monitor what their children watch on television, be careful of whom they leave them with, and give them sex education as early as possible. She also admonished teachers to be watchful and provide adequate sex education for the pupils. She concluded with how the government could help by by reducing sexually oriented programs in favour of more educational ones.

Dr Adefunke Ekine gave further information on how the research findings show that apart from students sexually harassing themselves, some teachers take advantage of these children by bribing them with money and things, with some of them even threatening the pupils. She also said that to prevent it among pupils, enabling environments such as same sex toilets and hidden corners have to be gotten rid of, or watched diligently. In conclusion, she asked parents to help prevent such abuse from teachers and other adults, by raising children, especially the girl child to be confident and assertive, so they can report such threats to those who can protect them.

The program was brought to an end with two calls, one from a female in the UK, and the second a male caller locally. Both members of the publiccalled with questions and advice about matters regarding the protection of children in the society.