The radio conversation on School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV) organized by members of Youthcare Development and Empowerment Initiative (YcDEI) took place at Royal 95.1 FM, Ilorin, Kwara state. The program began at 1:00 pm and was anchored by Sherifat Kayode Bolaji. It featured Dr Temitayo Ogunsanwo, Dr Adefunke Ekine and Mr Hafees Sulyman.

On causes of sexual exploration among children, Dr Ogunsanwo stated that parents who undress in front of, or bathe for children who have reached the age of puberty, or even have sexual relations in front of their children, unknowingly encourage such children to explore their sexuality prematurely. In light of this, she admonished parents to desist from such behavior and to also monitor what their children watch on television. Dr Ekine added that parents should spend quality time with their children to enable the children feel safe enough to entrust them with any issues of concern. She further advised parents to teach children about their bodies from a very young age, and not shy away from providing them with proper sex education.

In response to the question on what could be done in schools to put an end to SRGBV, Dr Ogunsanwo expressed the need for school teachers and administrators to receive regular training on how to ensure the protection of children within the school premises. She advised all teachers to be vigilant, and to have at least one teacher watching over the children at all times, as most abuses occur when the teachers are not present and in toilets shared by both genders. Mr Sulyman suggested the domestication and implementation of policies that punish child abusers severely. Dr Ekine expounded on the importance of not blaming the victims, and implored parents to report all perpetrators of child molestation, and not cower under the fear of stigmatization.

The program was brought to end at 3:00pm after two male callers. The first caller expressed concern over the allowance of graduates who are not trained in the field of education permission to teach in schools, while the second caller objected against certain government actions. Dr Ogunsanwo and Dr Ekine responded to each question before the program was brought to an end.