According to Arvo Part, “The Human Voice is the most perfect instrument of all”, we all can be what we want to be, with our voice which happens to be the best instrument.

It is no longer a world that shuns completely the voice of the girl – child.

It is no longer a world that says no to the yearnings of the heart of some set of human,simply because they are girls.

A turn around came in our favour and we are glad about it.

That we are the generation of the girls with a voice.

That we are the generation of girls who can air their opinion.

And to you;

 Dear Girl – child,

I want you to know that you are beautiful and smart. We want to hear your voice, the world wants to hear your voice too.

Greatness is embedded in you; Live them.

 Possibilities are deposited in you; explore them.

Yes you might be delicate but you are strong. Your creation came with an extra strength, swim in this strength.

Your voice, though tiny came with an extra power and authority, project this voice.

Do you know why?

The world is getting better. The world is getting used to the voice of the girl – child. This generation will do better, so, no more silence.

You are our girl, our hero!

And your voice, our Future!

Happy International day of the Girl – child.

By : Monifeoluwa Oyewole