A teacher does the impossible, teaches the blind to read.
She opens the door others have failed to even reach for.
Like Anne Suillivan, every teacher is a miracle worker.

A teacher’s job is one of the heart,
she creates with passion,
and educates with a child’s toy.
Like Maria Montessori, every teacher is an innovator.

A teacher is an author,
painstakingly filling the blanks in every life,
striving to raise the future.
Like William McGuffey, every teacher is a game changer.

A teacher is a warrior,
rooting for the suppressed,
unafraid to tread through uncharted waters.
Like Emma Willard, every teacher is a leader.

A teacher is role model,
paving the way for others to learn,
igniting imaginations to fuel genearations.
Like Jaime Escalante, every teacher is a hero.

“Teachers affect eternity; no one knows where there influence stops.”
– Henry Brooks Adams Happy Teacher’s day!