In a country experiencing vast unemployment and poverty, vocational and entrepreneurial skills can easily be noted as one of the best solutions to drastically reduce the large number of youths that may one day join this ever-widening circle. Not only do crafts and other skills engage said youths and provide them with income, they also provide them with ethical values and upgrade their credentials for future professional jobs. To the country at large, the investment in youth empowerment harnesses formally dormant human resources to generate economical growth and national development.

As an organization committed to the all-around wellness and productivity of youths, Youthcare Development and Empowerment Initiative (YcDEI), aims to reduce the rate of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria through her newly established Mentorship program.

The project provides her mentees with lessons in the art of Cake (Baking and Decoration), Tie and Dye, Computer Skills, Make Up and Gele Tying and Bead Making. This aims at giving the mentees an edge in the world of works, as well as increasing mental development.

To help facilitate a world free from gender based violence, the YcDEI Mentorship Program is determined to provide girls with the skills for future independence that will protect young girls from situations that often lead to them being taken advantage of.