International Women’s Day

As we continue in the spirit of International Women’s Day, let us appreciate the power of technology and innovation in achieving gender equality. Over the past few decades, big leaps have been taken toward closing the gender gap within many industries through investments in skills training and education for women across different cultures. These progressive efforts are essential to achieve greater wage equity and equal rights for all genders around the world. We strive above everything else toward celebrating women and their talents, which when taken together has a multiplier effect on the growth & development outcomes of whole communities – both locally and globally. We invite you to join us by advocating the proper use of these revolutionary tools, so they can help remove barriers along all intersections of identity discrimination – including those faced by females with disabilities. It is time that we embrace systemic change powered by digital disruption before it disrupts us!

Together let’s usher in a new era built on advocacy, respect, and empowerment – not just among women but within societies at large! Together we shall move mountains! Once again Happy International Women’s Day – Ayo Layeni YcDEI team